Client Testimonials

ASC Corporate Partner

It should be no surprise that a QI reporting system that existed in paper form would be greatly enhanced by conversion to a software-based system, but the real surprise has come in the form of what ASC WebQI has provided to our QA program. For a company that provides anesthesia services for over 70 ambulatory surgical centers in 16 states, the collection of data for reporting incident occurrences via a web-based system has been unequivocally remarkable. As a Medical Director, I have access to review entry logs from any location at any time. The ease of report creation for quarterly QA meetings and the content provided in the reports is well received by the various centers and their administrative QI personnel. Our own anesthesia providers can attest to the ease of data entry using the ASC WebQI system. The notification alert system provided by ASC WebQI has turned out to be extremely helpful in notifying members of our QA team of certain keynote incidents, especially sentinel events; this early notification allows for immediate assessment of the reported event. Beyond the system itself comes the 2nd "Wow factor". The outstanding customer service and ongoing assistance provided by the ASC WebQI customer support team cannot go without mentioning. ASC WebQI has made our QA program one that utilizes all resources available to formulate and implement strategies for improvement.

Donnie, MD
Associate Medical Director – ASC Anesthesia Services Provider
ASC Corporate Partner

Our leadership team identified some room for improvement in our credentialing process in preparation for an accreditation survey. We researched several options to track and notify us of expiring items. While searching on the internet, I stumbled upon ASC WebQI. I was so impressed by their website alone that I immediately called for a demonstration. That was the hook! After meeting with ASC WebQI's team, that was the reel in! The demonstration was impressive and opened my eyes to all that they had to offer. Safety logs are now a breeze and have eliminated binders full of unorganized papers. Incident reporting is easy to complete, sort, and track and trend. The credentialing tracker has freed up so much time from the labor-intensive work of keeping everything current for all our providers with alerts and reminders. More importantly, the dedication of ASC WebQI's Customer Service staff is unparalleled. They are responsive, listen to your needs, and make improvements to the program based on those needs. It is like having your own customization team. They are top-notch in every way. Our accreditation survey has come and gone and having so much information readily available played a big part in our successful results. I, without a doubt, can enthusiastically recommend ASC WebQI as a solution to all your QI and Compliance needs.

Administrator - Multi-Specialty Surgery Center
ASC Corporate Partner

Using ASC WebQI from ASCistus has allowed our ASC's to save time, reduce paper and eliminate the need for binders since staff no longer have to document QAPI indicator findings manually. The reporting is very comprehensive which has helped our ASC's to significantly decrease the amount of time spent preparing for their QAPI meetings. In particular, the log and audit reports make it very easy to show compliance with our QAPI programs and indicator results.

As a corporate partner to many ASC's it has allowed us to standardize our QAPI program across all of our ASC's and allows me, as the Quality Director, to have access in real time to all of my centers' quality data.

ASCistus technical support is very responsive to requests and always quick to respond to questions. I highly recommend ASC WebQI for your quality needs.

Director, ASC Quality and Regulatory Compliance
Single Specialty Surgery Center

When I first heard about ASC Web QI it was almost too good to be true. Could there be a program that could keep all my logs, incidents, audits, QAPI, credentialing, and staffing in one place? YES! YES there really is! I was very impressed by the webinar we had introducing us to the product, but I was blown away by the customer support when we implemented the system. They tailored and designed logs in the system to closely resemble the paper logs my staff were used to seeing. I get an alert any time an incident is logged in by one of the staff members. I can keep all of my credentialing and staff expiration dates in one place that alerts me when something is coming due. I have the ability to give permissions to the staff for as few or as many of the modules I want. I love all of the features in this system, but what makes this product pay for itself time and time again is the customer service and support. I can email or call at anytime and I get an answer to my question. If there is something I am needing tailored toward our center all I have to do is ask and within a few days they have a solution.

Many products can be technically good, but if the customer service experience is sub par, the product itself becomes very unappealing. ASC Web QI is hands down one of the best systems and customer service teams I worked with.

Multi-Specialty Surgery Center

Prior to the implementation of ASC WebQI for our Quality Improvement, Risk, and Infection Control surveillance, the process for collecting, tracking, and trending data was very manual and labor intensive. Since transitioning to this software after the first of 2019, our QI/IC/Risk Manager has saved multiple hours in gathering data, tracking manually in excel documents, and developing graphs for meeting presentations. ASC WebQI develops graphs pulled directly from the data within the website in a professional presentation. ASC WebQI has also empowered the staff to enter in occurrences in an efficient and concise manner, assisting in more efficient follow up on trends within the facility. I would highly recommend this software to any facility wishing to standardize their process.

Executive Director
Multi-Specialty Surgery Center

ASC WebQI is an amazing product for maintaining our center's logs and audits. Firstly, it dramatically reduces the amount of paper used and the number of binders to maintain and store. Secondly, (and this is the best part) reports can be constructed with all the necessary information for the quality committee to review. These reports are nicely organized and easy to interpret, so the quality committee members are able to evaluate the center's strengths and any areas for improvement effortlessly. P.S. Surveyors absolutely loved the organization that ASC WebQI provides.

Clinical Director
Multi-Specialty Surgery Center

The ASC WebQI software has been a great asset to our center's overall Quality reporting process. The software allows us to easily spot trends and pull reports in areas that we need to look at for Quality Improvement. Since you are not searching through a paper trail, it saves on time and energy, and allows staff to focus more on patient care. We can track logs, peer reviews, audits, QI reporting, and much more, all with one central location. It is very user friendly. I would recommend this product to anyone, as it greatly improves the overall QAPI Program.

Clinical Administrator
Multi-Specialty Surgery Center

In preparation for our AAAHC survey and State inspection our surgical center began searching for a simplified central location to keep our daily logs, incident reports, patient satisfaction surveys, peer reviews and QI studies. ASC WebQI was the solution and more! The customer service we received to customize our reports to our center's specific needs was phenomenal. Our center's information is now in a centralized location readily available and in an organized professional format, that when presented to a surveyor gives a "wow" effect. Entering the data electronically has been an invaluable asset. It saves time and frustration in not only data entry, but in providing the information during our AAAHC and State inspection.

Multi-Specialty Surgery Center

With ASC WebQI, we not only save about 10 hours a month in staff time, but we also have access to more data in better detail. Whether it be getting ready for board meetings, identifying opportunities for improvement, or re-credentialing my physicians and tracking with Peer Review, ASC WebQI makes our job easier.

Multi-Specialty Surgery Center

The ASC WebQI software has provided a central repository for all my quality improvement program reports, logs, peer reviews and more. The software makes quality improvement practices efficient and available for all employees to use. It has made this Administrator's quality improvement program responsibilities so much easier than before when dealing with paper reports. I recommend this product to anyone looking to improve communication and efficiency in reporting your quality improvement program.

Multi-Specialty Surgery Center

The ASC Web QI software has been a great tool and a great asset to our facility". This program makes it really easy to keep track of peer reviews and our patient satisfaction surveys allowing us to immediately update and print out the latest report. I was impressed with how user friendly this program is, very easy to learn and manipulate. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to improve the quality, accuracy and overall structure of their facilities quality programs.

Credentialing Coordinator
Multi-Specialty Surgery Center

ASC WebQI has allowed our company to save countless hours preparing and maintaining multiple spreadsheets to track our quality improvement, patient satisfaction, audits, and logs. Now everything we need to track is in one easy to access and secure location. The added ability to customize reports makes presenting outcomes a breeze!

Business Office Manager
Single-Specialty Surgery Center

We originally explored ASCWebQI to assist our risk management program. It met our needs to provide an easy access method for our employees to quickly complete incident reports. It did not take long to appreciate the value of having incident reports immediately available to our surgery center manager, risk manager and medical director instead of waiting for a paper version to show up in our in-boxes. When we started implementing the program, we quickly realized how useful the reporting was going to be in assessing the trends going on in our surgery center. But as we have started using additional modules, it has become obvious how beneficial the program as a whole is to our practice. Bringing ASCWebQI into our practice has been a great decision in regards to efficiency of time management, effectiveness of reporting and pulling together data in useful ways. It is also making preparation for AAAHC much more efficient and presentable. I hope to never do my job without the aid of ASCWebQI!

Administrator/Nurse Manager