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Staff Tracker Plus

Manage required employee documentation and activities. Enhance educational opportunities.
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    Easy Tracking

    Record and track date expirations, annual competencies and attendance at center scheduled drills and in-services

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    Create and maintain checklists for items such as employee orientation, health and annual performance

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    Easy to store, search and retrieve

    Organize and maintain documents in custom folders and files

Staff Tracking for ASCs

Verify the credentials of your staff to ensure qualifications, compliance and competency.

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    Track staff expirations and receive email alerts.
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    Record and manage competencies.
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    Provide customized checklists and alerts.
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    Scan and store documents for easy access.
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Staff Tracking Plus

All Staff Tracker features plus online learning for your staff.

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    Courses designed for ASCs
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    End of course tests
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    Automated Alerts
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    Staff Reports
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    Management Reports
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    Host your own educational content

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