Quality Measure Benchmarking against other ASCs, including by Specialty
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    Select Quality Measures

    Either select from a list to track or create your own

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    Flexible tracking

    Track and benchmark quality measures (QMs) by specialty— within your center, with other centers in your company if part of a multi-center group, with participating ASC WebQI centers, and with nationally established quality metrics (ASC Quality Collaboration, CMS, Others)

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    Example Measures

    Burns, Case Cancellations, ER Visits, Falls, Hospital Admissions, Hospital Transfers, Infections, Medical Device Failure, Medication Errors, Normothermia, Retained Object, Toxic Anterior Segment Syndrome, Unplanned Anterior Vitrectomy, Wrong Site-Side-Patient-Procedure-Implant

Benchmarking for ASCs

Benefits to ASC WebQI Customers:

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    Easy way to track what is most important to you and identify opportunities for improvement
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    Easy and more efficient way to meet regulatory benchmarking requirements
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    As Quality data is becoming more available to the public, you will know your numbers and can proactively address any issues
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    Promote quality when marketing your center to physicians, payors, and prospective patients
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    Easy and more efficient way to submit quality measure data to Quality Groups/Registries

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