Replace your paper audit forms with electronic templates and get automated compliance results
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    Your audits, your way

    Set up various audits such as Peer Review, Chart Review, Hand Hygiene, Time-Out

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    Eliminate spreadsheets

    Once audit questions are answered, compliance results are automatically calculated

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    Simplified Reporting

    Easily report and compare results to peers or specific time periods.

Audits for ASCs

This tool replaces your hardcopy audits and allows you to create audits using your own questions, automatically tabulate the results, and compare to other time periods. No more completing numerous audit sheets, followed by the onerous task of compiling all the data into a spreadsheet and calculating results.

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    Compliance measurement
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    Trend your chart audit results across multiple quarters down to the question level.

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    Summarize other audits (hand wash, etc.) by type of personnel or department.
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    Add comments and notes for any question
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    Alerts and email notifiations
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    Dashboard, charts and graphs
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