Logs and Checklists

Convert your paper logs to an automated alternative
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    Automate and eliminate binders

    Whether you are verifying expiration dates, confirming the working order or availability of equipment or supplies, checking temperatures, or documenting that a task has been performed, your logs will be automated so they can easily be assigned, completed and retrieved.

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    Track non-compliance

    Non-compliant log entries are easy to document and track for follow up with alerts and email notifications.

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    Complete logs anytime, on any device

    Logs can be completed on any mobile device using the ASC WebQI Mobile app

Logs for ASCs

Centers must track and document many different things. ASC WebQI Logs can automate and streamline the process.

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    Create logs in the system to replace clipboards.
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    Easily track non-compliant entries, expirations, and past due logs.

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    Alerts and Email notifications.
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    Manage expirations and par levels for meds and supplies
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    Drill down to look at non-compliant responses.
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    Summary and detailed reporting, dashboards, charts and graphs
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Start logging better today

By simply replacing paper forms with electronic data entry forms, ASC WebQI helps eliminate time consuming tasks and provide managers with access and visibility into the processes they oversee. It is not meant to replace your QAPI plan, but rather enhance it by allowing you to manage it better.


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